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  • Andrew von Dadelszen

The Bayfair Flyover debacle

Let’s be clear – NZTA (as the agency that manages our transport infrastructure, on behalf of this Coalition Government) has been totally marginalised by this government. We can blame them for no new funding for roading infrastructure, but the reality is they are hamstrung.

The Bayfair to Te Maunga flyover had its funding committed by the previous National Government, but still they seem to be able to find ways to undermine this project.

Steven Joyce, when he was Minister of Transport, changed the Tauranga Eastern Link project. The Helen Clarke Labour Government had planned just one lane each way, but Steven Joyce said “Build it once, and build it right”. Thankfully we now have an outstanding expressway, that is world class, and with an exemplar safety record.

Move forward to 2019, and the “looney left” have taken over the hen house. Julianne Genter will not fund any new roads – just safety features and, of course cycleways. And then there is Winston Peters – he could override the Greens, but he is vindictive to the Western Bay of Plenty, just because we sent him packing as our local MP.

Councillors have been told to bend over backwards to get Government on board, but unless we can convince a more reasonable approach, then the Western Bay will continue to suffer.

The flyover is an absolute disaster – a single lane each way, or even a third tidal-flow lane, with no recognition for cyclists and pedestrians, is ridiculous – and dangerous. To not have an under (or over) pass for cyclists and pedestrians is just plain lunacy.

Julianne Genter’s ideological madness is understandable, but Winston Peters vindictiveness towards Tauranga is just totally unacceptable. Local Government politicians need to call him out. We should not consent any more residential or industrial land, unless Central Government changes this ridiculously petty transport infrastructure policy.


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