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  • Andrew von Dadelszen

Sam Uffindell (National Party) smashes Jan Tinetti (Labour) in Tauranga By-Election

What a fantastic result for Sam Uffindell and the National Party. National & Act got 66.6% of the vote, and Labour got just 25.2% (and that was with the Greens not putting up a candidate to help the Left!!!).

Labour (Cabinet Minister Jan Tinetti) got a shocking 25.2% - their poorest result in the last three elections. Tinetti should be ashamed about this poor result, but also about breaching electoral rules by campaigning actively on Facebook on Election Day. A Cabinet Minister should know the rules, and respect them...

It didn't help Jan that the Prime Minister didn't even bother to come into the electorate once during the By-election campaign to support her Cabinet colleague. Shame on you, Jacinda. A 6,000 majority on such a poor turnout. This equates to a normalised majority of well over 12,000. Take the message, Ardern. Democracy does matter.


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