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  • Andrew von Dadelszen

NZ has been a great place to invest

For the last decade the New Zealand Equity Market has been the best place for Kiwis to invest. Prior to the GFC (2008) the Australian sharemarket outperformed our own, but since markets bottomed in 2009 New Zealand listed shares have gone "gang busters". The NZX50 Index is up 298% since its 2009 low, whereas the ASX200 Index is only up 81% in the same period.

Furthermore the New Zealand sharemarket is continuing (along with the Australian equity market) to show low volatility in recent months.

This would appear to auger well for New Zealand investors, but it does mean that our New Zealand Equity market is now very fully prices. Historically, Labour Government's have been good for equity markets in NZ, but the 2019 Budget emphasises that we have a Government that loves spin over substance, and this is a recipe for an economy that could easily "tank".

Mt thoughts would be to lock in some of your gains, and maybe rebalance your portfolio - holding a bit more cash and more global equities.


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