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  • Andrew von Dadelszen

Let's get to Level 1 NOW

This current government did a great job to get us through Level 4 lockdown, but the lack of decision-making (doing the hard yards of the economic recovery mode) Ardern has failed miserably.

Come on Ardern - we have just 22 active cases and no community transmission. Stop controlling middle New Zealand. We want to work, and we won't recover this depression unless you step back.

Labour is a team of just two, and both are control freaks. Good communicators - yes - but no plan for economic recovery.

Labour campaigned in 2017 on building light rail from the city's CBD to the airport, and from the CBD to West Auckland, within 10 years. Ardern promised to build light rail to Mt Roskill within four years. This massive project has now blown out to $6 billion (if it ever gets started) but has so far made no progress, with rumoured cost blowouts and no decision made yet on who will build the scheme. Peters yesterday said planning for the project had been suspended - just hours after his fellow Cabinet Minister Phil Twyford said the Government was "highly motivated" to progress the project. What a disaster - just like their 100,000 home policy. Only National can get New Zealanders working again.


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