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  • Andrew von Dadelszen

Ardern's Hamilton West "bloody nose"

The National Party had a fantastic win in Hamilton West last night (Saturday 10th December 2022). A real "bloody nose" to a deeply unpopular Labour Government. Tama Potaka will be a great MP for Hamilton West. It was great to be part of the celebrations, where Tama increased his lead as the night went on, from the time the first votes came in. An 8,000+ swing from the 2020 election result tells you plenty about this current government.

National’s candidate, Tama Potaka, overturned Labour’s 6,267 majority that Gaurav Sharma held from the 2020 election, so Tama will enter Parliament as National’s newest MP, bringing the National Party Caucus to 34 members.

Results from election night put Tama on 6629 votes - 2285 ahead of Labour's Georgie Dansey (see entire list below).

Apart from Tama’s personal credentials and National’s strong campaign focusing on the things that matter to the people of Hamilton and New Zealand at large, the result shows New Zealanders want to send a message to Labour. Labour is out of touch. It’s busy in Parliament with ideological pet projects like Three Waters (or is that now 5 waters!), the TVNZ/RNZ merger, health bureaucracy and hate speech. Meanwhile, out in the streets and farms of real New Zealand, people are talking about the cost of groceries, fear of crime, and how long it takes to see a doctor.


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