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  • Andrew von Dadelszen

What has happened to personal responsibility?

I am not a Climate Change Denier, and I embrace the “Bluegreen vision” of making good environmental decisions based on good science, and not political rhetoric. Sea level rise is Tauranga is not a given when you look at the data collected since 1973 by NIWA (there has been virtually no sea level rise in the past 42 years). That is not to say there won’t be sea surge as a result of major storm effects. But should ratepayers pay for those affected? For example - If you live along Beach Road in Tauranga you know that you are at risk from both storm surge plus a potential Tsunami. The individual householders have made their decision to live there, and they do so in the knowledge of the risk. Local Government – your City and Regional Councils (ie Ratepayers) – should not be held responsible for any poor risk assessments by individuals. I say “let the buyer beware.” Furthermore talking of 1-1.5 metre sea level rise in Tauranga is just plain farcical (and not based on good science).

I commend Hon Nick Smith for his energy in achieving RMA reform, but in my view the current Bill has a couple of flaws, and one of these is in the area of Natural Hazards. By putting the onus on subdivision consent decision-makers to take a risk management approach to consider the likelihood and consequence of all natural hazards that may affect the potential subdivision, we are moving further towards a “Nanny State.” He seems to have missed the National Party’s underlying values that include individual freedom and choice; personal responsibility, and limited (local and central) government.

If you have a view on these or any other local government issues, I invite you to email me

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