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  • Andrew von Dadelszen

SH2 must start construction this year

Current BOP Regional Councillor

Please note that views expressed in this column are my personal views and do not necessarily reflect Regional Council policy.


State Highway 2 (from Tauranga to Katikati) is one of New Zealand’s most dangerous roads. We all know it, yet the current Labour/NZ First/Greens coalition government just isn’t listening. In 2017 the then National Government had agreed the highest priority in terms of both safety and road efficiency and effectiveness for this road. The funds ($520m) were allocated for a construction start in 2018. This work was going to start with the four laning of a new highway from Route K (Tauranga) to west of Te Puna.

Our 2 local List Labour MPs went to a meeting in Omokoroa on 5th March, and blamed NZTA for not funding this work – wrong. It is this current government that has put the breaks on this essential motorway. Labour won’t commit the funding, preferring trains and bikes – but our residents keep dying and being maimed while we wait. Shame on you – Labour/NZ First/Greens.

The Regional Land Transport Committee is equally to blame. This is not a Regional Council Committee, although the Chair (Stuart Crosby) and Deputy Chair (Jane Nees) are both BOP Regional Councillors, and the committee is administered by the Regional Council. Their Proposed RLT Plan 2018 is out for consultation, and it doesn’t highly prioritise this dangerous road (just No 11 – behind Rotorua’s Airport route, a cycle action plan, and public transport route prioritisation).

We can’t wait for this route upgrade – how many lives have to be lost before we see action. Step up Angie Warren-Clark, Jan Tinetti and Clayton Mitchell - you represent this current government. A few safety improvements (between Waihi and Omokoroa, with wide centrelines, side barriers and minor upgrades) won’t cut it. Western Bay residents are fuming mad, and who could blame them. They are the ones burying their dead.

How many deaths are acceptable…

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