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  • Andrew von Dadelszen

Why have we stopped mechanical mangrove removal?

Regional Councillor Jane Nees, in her 11th October editorial, noted that many people ARE CONCERNED about the rapid spread of mangroves around Tauranga – and yet seven years after the Regional Council made an exciting start by mechanically removing just over 100 hectares of mangroves, no further mature mangroves have been removed. This is a scandal, and it is sad that this programme has been hijacked by passionate, but illogical, greenies. Bill Bayfield (the Regional Council CEO) had the guts to start this mechanical removal, and seven years on the benefits are obvious, and that decision has been justified. For goodness sake Regional Councillors, stop procrastinating and get the job finished.

We were never asking for every last mangrove to be removed from our harbour, but we were entitled to expect at least 400 hectares cleared. You receive $40m a year as a Port dividend, and we expect you to made a serious attempt at remediating the sedimentation and nutrient buildup. You are doing catchment improvements for the rivers that enter our harbour, but unless you get out of your ivory tower and re-start the mangrove removal, then you might as well kiss your past good work goodbye. We were told in 2009Why have we stopped co that the Regional Plan will allow reasonable mangrove removal from our harbour – what has changed? I urge you to stand up against a few vocal activists who worry about a few snails, and look after this wonderful jewel that makes the Western Bay what it is. As Nike say – just do it….

If you have a view on these or any other local government issues, I invite you to email me at

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