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  • Andrew von Dadelszen

Selloff of Tauranga's Inner City Greenspace

Tauranga City Councillors say they want to reduce Council’s debt – but this is just a red herring. Debt is not the issue – cost escalation is. If they reduce staff, and become more efficient and effective, then the debt will be manageable. Unfortunately our Councillors just can’t see it….

An example of their incompetency is the proposed selloff of our inner city greenspace. Council is currently looking to sell off the greenspace (parkland) that bounds the Takatimu Drive Motorway, from Fourth to Eighth Avenue.

  • This is the entrance to our City – the first impression visitors get went entering Tauranga.

  • Once sold off it can never be replaced. Our City Councillors are showing NO VISION; No respect for our future generations.

  • This is about existing (consulted on) TCC policy of Work/Live/Play. TCC Plans value greenspace, but our current Councillors think they can ride roughshod over the residential community – they can’t!

Local residents are taking their fight to TCC – we are fighting back. This is not about view shafts; it is about protecting our greenspace. If you want to help – contact me and sign our petition. We have close to 1,000 signatures already, and we need to make TCC Councillors accountable to those that elect them…

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