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  • Andrew von Dadelszen

Bay of Plenty shafted again - Twyford has to go

Transport Minister Phil Twyford announced the Government's package for “Let's Get Wellington Moving.” Unfortunately for the Western Bay of Plenty, spending $6.4 billion on Wellington’s transport woes means, once again, we miss out. First it was Auckland’s suspect train developments, and next it is Wellington – Tauranga is the poor provincial cousin, and we just don’t count.

Minister Phil Twyford made the announcement within days of visiting Tauranga and the Western Bay. He might speak with a “slippery tongue” but when it comes to measurable outcomes, this Labour Minister is “missing in action.” I am sure he will blame others, but the reality is that the Western Bay is a stronghold for the National Party, and neither Labour nor Winston Peters gives a damn about us.

Minister Twyford worked as a journalist and union organiser before becoming the Executive Director of Oxfam New Zealand. He is out of his depth with his current portfolios (Housing & Transport) but, to be fair, he has never had a “real” job, so what would we expect.

The Bay of Plenty will be neglected, as long as Labour is in power. Our Mayors and Regional Chair need to show more resolve, and refuse to open up any more land for subdivision, until we have the roading infrastructure that can sustain it. Within our city, Tauranga City Council should only consent high density residences – building up, not out – unless roading infrastructure is funded.

This city is in crisis, and this Labour/NZ First Government is just laughing at us. Let’s make sure that the damage is limited – bring on the 2020 election.


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